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American Precision Gear Co., Inc.

American Precision Gear Co., Inc. has been crafting precision gears and gear products since 1956. The plant (22,000 square feet) is strategically located at the top of Silicon Valley in Foster City, California and serves the needs of a variety of traditional industrial and emerging high-tech industries that require precision gears including medical device, military, instrumentation, aerospace, semi-conductor, and robotics manufacturers.

Customers are regional, national and global in scope

Our core competency is the quality and precision of our work. Major corporations appreciate our extremely high quality rating, (close to 100% as rated in ppm) which is rare in a precision craft. This extends from APG's exacting procedures utilizing statistical process controls through the entire fabrication process, from material delivery to final product packaging and shipment. Additionally, the APG team realizes the need to supply our customers with on-time deliveries. We strive for 100% ratings.

APG manufactures spur gears (both external and internal), helical and double helical gears, worm and worm gears, face gears, bevels, rack and pinions, sprockets, cluster gears, anti backlash gears, splines and serrations, segmented gears, pump gears, and gear pulleys from .05" to 48" and from 2 D.P. to 250+ D.P.

For US Government contract, APG qualifies and is listed as a Small Business Enterprise and is DDTC(ITAR) and JCP Registered.

APG manufactures gears in all alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, and a wide variety plastics and non-metallic materials.

American Precision Gear Offers:

  • Complete fabrication or gear cutting only (View Project Gallery)
  • Just in Time delivery programs
  • In-house CNC, grinding, honing, broaching
  • State-of-the-art gear checking technology

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, Government and defense contractors and top-tier instrumentation and medical device manufacturers.

American Precision Gear looks forward to serving your precision gear needs.

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