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AS9100D Certification
For over a decade APG has maintained ISO 9001 Certifications (Currently ISO9001-2015). Our QMS has always been AS9100 compliant. For 2017 APG has upgraded to AS9100D.

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Our newest equipment additions

The Doosan 400 DNM II with ATX 5 axis capability
The Doosan 4500 DNM with ATX 5 axis capability
The Doosan 4500 DNM with ATX 5 axis capability, purchase from our CNC partner, Ellison Technologies
Doosan Horizontal Lynx and Puma Series
Doosan Horizontal Lynx and Puma Series
CNC Turning Machine
Lorenze 180 Shaper, as-new by our partner Machine Tool Builders
Lorenze 180 Shaper
Lorenze 180 Shaper, as-new
by our partner Machine Tool Builders

equipment List

Lorenz #424 CNC Shaper
Lorenz #152 CNC Shaper
Lorenze #180 CNC Shaper
Fellows 3 A Fine Pitch Gear Shaper (3)
Fellows 6A Gear Shaper RC-93 (2)
Fellows 645Y Gear Shaper W/13" Riser
Fellows 7 Gear Shaper
Fellows 7 Rack Shaper (9", 20 DP & Fíner)
Fellows 615A Rack Shaper (60" 4DP & Finer)

Monnier Zahner MZ-120 CNC Hobbing
Machine (24 DP & Finer) w/ Crowning & Auto Load-Unload RC 90
Koepfer 173 B Hobber (10 DP & Finer) w/ Auto Load-Unload
Jeil JDP-2 Gear Hobber (4 DP & Finer) w/ Diff & Radical Infeed
Barber Colman 16-36 Hobber
Barber Colman 16-16 Hobber RC-92 (2)
Barber Colman 6-10 Precision HobberRC -93
Barber Colman 6-10 Production Hobber
Mikron 132.02 Fine Pitch Gear Hobber RC-93 (3)
Mikron 102.01 Fine Pitch Gear Hobber
Mikron 102.03 Fine Pitch Gear Hobber (2)
Mikron 102.04 Fine Pitch Hobbers RC-92 (2)
Mikron 102.05 Fine Pitch Gear Hobber RB-92 (2)
Mikron 102.05 SPS Fine Pitch Multi-Cycle Gear Hobber-99
Mikron 102.05 Fine Pitch Multicycle Hobber (2)
Mikron A21/1 Fine Pitch High Production Gear Hobber

M&M 3015 Gear Analyzer (1 DP to 50.8 DP 15" Capacity) w/Software for Ext/Int, Spur, Helical & Splines,Worm & Worm Gear RC-97
M&M Auto External Gear Roll Checker w/PC Software 96
M&M Auto Internal Gear Roll Checker w/PC Software 97
Profile Engineering PC-24 Composite Gear Analyzer W/PC Software 97
Profile Engineering 4FPRL Redliner 96
Fellows # 4 Redliner RB-97
ITW W339 Lead Checker
Gleason # 3 Universal Bevel Gear Tester
S & F Fine Pitch Gear Tester w/ Graphotest
Chart Recorder
S & F Fine Pitch Gear Bench Tester
S & F Fine Pitch Rack Bench Tester
S & F Fine Pitch Worm & Worm Gear Bench Tester
Parkson Fine Pitch Gear Bench Tester w/ Universal Attachment (2)
Scherr-Tuminco 5" CD Spur Gear Bench Tester (3)
Brown & Sharp # 1 Gear Roll Bench Checker

Mikron Beveel Gear heads for Mikron 102 Hobbers (20 DP & Finer)
Monnier Zahner MZ-120 W/CNC Straight Bevel
Milling Program (24 DP & Finer)

Monnier Zahner MZ-120 W/CNC Worm & Thread
Milling Program

Redin Model 10 Automatic Gear Deburring Machine 98
Overbeck Speed Lathes (X2)
Daylite Illuminated magnifiers lamps (X4)
Bausch&Lomb 25x Microscope
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Torit Dust Collector
Crozier Speed Lathe 98/99 (2)
Bead Blaster W/Torit Dust Collector
Comco Micro Bead Blaster
Bench Grinders/Brushers/Buffers
S&R Belt Sander
Doosan Puma 2100 SY II (w/Barfeeder and Hobbing) 18'
Daewoo Puma 250-LB CNC Lathe 98
Daewoo Puma 240 CNC Lathe, double spindle 2005
Daewoo Lynx 220 CNC Lathe 2004
Doosan Lynx 220C (w/ Barfeed) 2015
Doosan Lynx 220A (w/ Barfeed) 2016
Doosan Lynx 2100 2017 
Doosan DNM 400 5-Axis

Doosan DNM 400 2016
Doosan DNM 4500 2017
Doosan DNM 4500 2018
Supermax LG-1768 Tool Room Lathe W/Sony XY
Hardinge Chucker
Fadal VMC-15xt CNC w/ 4thAxis 2002
Bridgeport Vertical Mill w/Blind Hole Slotter w/ XYZ Digital Readout
Powermatic Hand Mill

Mitutoyo Crysta Apex CMM
Micro VU Excel 501UC Optical Comparator/CMM
Micro VU Spectra Optical Comparator
Brown & Sharp MICRO-VAL CMM (level 3 w/SPC) 94
Jones & Lamson TC-10 Optical Comparator
Gleason Bevel Gear Checker
Sherr Micro Projector
Aktiebolager & Johnson STDE-6 Microcator
Service Diamond Hardness Tester
Model 8SSB
Sheffield 1 MM Ext/Int Comparator Gage
Scheffield 2000 Gage Master
Surfometer PDA -1 Profilometer
Spencer Microscope 15X
Baush & Lomb Microscope
Mitutoyo Bench Center (48" Centers)
Enco Bench Center

Mikron A60-O Hob Sharpener
Koepker KFS-100 CNC Hob Sharpener New 2000
Myford Cylindrical Grinders (2)
KO Lee Surface Grinder
KO Lee BA960 Universal Tool Grinder
Sunnen MBC-1805D Hone w/ Power Stroking & Auto Sizing 97
Sunnen MBB-1290D Hone
Fellows #4 Gear Shaver
Studer S30 ID/OD CNC Grinder

Crest Ultrasonic OCJ-1014 Ultrasonic Cleaning Console 98
De-Greasing Tanks (2)

Amada HFA 250 Automatic Horizontal Saw (2017)
Dake 50 H Hydraulic Press
O'Brien 12 Ton Broaching Machine 97
Manual Arbor Press (3)
Kenco 5 Ton Punch Press
WF Wells & Son W9 Metal Saw
Speedair Model 1Z990 120 Gal Air Compressor
Pnema Tech Model ADA-40 Non Cycling
Refrigerated Air Dryer
Boice-Crane Band Saw
Ruger Crane 2500 Lb. Capacity 96
Komatsu FG-255 Fork Lift 3500 Lb. Capacity 98

LIST REVISED January 2019

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