Bronze Alloy Worm Gear Set

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Bronze Alloy Worm Gears
Bronze Alloy Worm Gears
Biomedical Gears
Biomedical Gears

Manufacturing precision worm gears can be challenging; add very small dimensions to the specifications, and it becomes something that not many manufacturers can accomplish. That is what brought this biotech company to us with this project. These worm gear sets were engineered as part of a complex, high precision DNA testing instrument and required dimensional tolerances of +.0000"/-.0002". The threaded worm is composed of 303 stainless steel and machined to 1.03" in length, .203" diameter, with a 10-24 single lead, right-hand thread. The worm gear was machined from 660 bronze alloys with 42 teeth, a 10-24 modified tap, with a hub, set screw and keyway. It features dimensions of 0.595"/0.593" for the O.D., with a throat diameter of 0.584"/0.582".

The combination of precision tolerances and small dimensions required the use of Swiss screw machining and a number of other very precise machining processes in order to be economically practical. Our facility is geared for the precision machining of both small and large parts and components; this flexibility requires the use of state of the art machining systems to be successful. Manufacturing orders for this project drew on many of our small-scale machining capabilities; these included the use of our Star CNC Swiss screw machine, United Grinding CNC thread grinder, Monnier Zahner CNC hob machine, Doosan CNC 5 Axis DNM 400 milling machine, and our Crest Ultrasonic OCJ parts cleaner.

Deburring is also an important step, as well as the comprehensive inspection process performed to ensure dimensional conformance and provide the required CoC. This included very stringent SPC (Statistical Process Controls) performed by the gear cutting and deburring operators.

At American Precision Gear, our ability to provide world-class consistency and precision is derived from a deep-set commitment to quality. This dedication and our facility's ISO certifications are backed up by a history of minimal nonconformance (NCRs) issues, which have resulted in many long-term customer relationships and repeat orders. This company has been ordering these worm gear sets at a rate of 2,000 sets annually since 1998.

For more information on this project, or to learn about our wide range of quality capabilities, contact us directly.

Bronze Worm Gear Details

Project/Product Name
Worm Gear Set
Project/Product Description
DNA Testing Instrument
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Swiss Turning (Lathe)
CNC Gear Cutting – Hobbing
CNC Threading
CNC Milling
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Star CNC Swill Machine
CNC thread Grinding
Monnier Zahner CNC hob machine w/ auto loading
Doosan CNC 5 Axis Mill DNM 400
Crest Ultrasonics OCJ parts cleaner
Overall Part Dimensions
Threaded Worm
10-24 NC Thread, Single lead Right Hand
.203 Dia x 1.30" Long
Worm gear
42 Teeth 10-24 Modified Tap OD: Ø 0.595"/0.593
Throat Dia: Ø 0.584"/0.582"
w/ hub, set screw, and keyway
Tightest Tolerances
+ 0.0000" / - 0.0002"
Material Used
303 SST and Bronze Alloy 660
Material Finish
Standard machining finishes
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection
Certificate of Conformance Report
Industry for Use
Biomedical Research Industry
2,000 (Annual) Repeat Contract Awards
Delivery/Turnaround Time
10 weeks
Delivery Location
Northern California
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

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